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General and Preventive Dentistry at Smile Craft

Staying healthy and maintain good oral health

We offer comprehensive general and preventative dentistry here at Smile craft for you and your family.  Our focus is you feel comfortable and to inform you on the best ways on making your gums and teeth as healthy as possible. 

Preventive Dentistry for Your Family

Prevention is better than a cure! With that in mind, regular dental check-ups two times a year are necessary to prevent any cavities and other problems from developing as it can occur at any given time.  Proper dental care is essential to maintain your teeth. You should brush your teeth and floss daily, eat a well-balanced diet, and visit your dentist for a checkup twice a year. 


Dental Exams & Dental Cleanings 

  • We provide dental services of overall comprehensive exams of teeth, gums, and jaw. We offer you the best preventive care and expert  and honest advice to keep you and your teeth healthy. Our team and dentist have the highest levels of training and we will put you at ease the minute you walk through our doors. We invite you to come in for a dental check-up. Please contact us to schedule your preventive dental care appointment.

  • Dental cleanings include hygienic teeth cleaning and polishing. This further includes necessary scaling and root planning also known as a deep cleaning to prevent gingival bacteria. 

    • SRP "Scaling and Root Planning" / Deep Cleanings​

    • Ultrasonic Scaling 

    • Hand Scaling and more

Tooth Decay and Cavities 

Cavities are holes in the enamel. They are caused when plaque collects on your teeth surfaces. Plaque is acidic, and over time those acids will wear away the enamel due bacteria that work their way into the surfaces of your teeth.

  • Fillings: smaller cavities that are easier to treat—and it is a less invasive process for you, too. We use high tech tools to clean out the bacteria and then seal over the opening with a natural tooth-colored composite material to keep away additional bacteria

  • Root Canals: bigger and deep cavities can easily turn into root canals also if any infection has gotten close to your tooth nerve. Our x-rays and professional and honest diagnosis of treatment that is best for you will help us determine whether a filling will suffice, or whether a root canal is the best option.

Mouth guards and Retainers 

If necessary and through a comprehensive exam with our dentist, mouth guards or retainers may be an option for you. We can make and provide you with your own 


What Is A Mouth Guard?

Do you ever wake up with sore muscles in your face, or at the jaw joint? Are you noticing frequent headaches? Do you find yourself clenching your teeth? Do you grind your teeth at night? Is your jaw "popping"? With a custom-fitted, thin plastic guard that fits only your teeth, worn usually at night can be your solution to some discomfort you may be experiencing We can provide you with your own custom mouth guard or retainer.  Also we can ensure that your mouth guard is tightly fit to your teeth to provide maximum protection utilizing our dental impression material and made in our lab to ensure  that the guard is fitted to protect your teeth.

Most insurances may not cover mouth guards and retainers. For  further questions, additional inflammation, or if in need of an exam appointment regarding any complications listed above, you can call us at 316-768-6408

Current Office Hours

Monday: 1pm-6pm

Tuesday & Wednesday: 1pm-7pm

Thursday: 9:00AM-12:00PM; 1:00PM-7:00PM

Friday & Saturday : 9:00AM-12:00PM, 1:00PM-4:00PM

Sunday: CLOSED

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